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Getting support with school and work

It’s never fun when health challenges get in the way of working toward the things that matter most to us. But millions of people struggle with mental health issues every day, and recovery is totally possible. Trust us, you are not alone.

Getting help sometimes means taking an unexpected detour from your school or career path and yes, that can feel scary, even hopeless. It’s not always easy to do, but try to remember the bigger picture.

In the long run, a pause to get strong is only a short-term (and crucial!) bump in the road along a much longer journey to reaching your goals.

The good news is that most early psychosis treatment programs include focused support with school and work. Many use a practice called Individual Placement and Support (IPS), which connects individuals living with mental health issues with employment opportunities.

If you don’t have access to a treatment team, you can even check out the IPS Locator on your own for the IPS team closest to you.

Remember when we said you’re not alone? We meant it.

Here are some pro tips from folks who’ve been there:

“Seek out mentors who understand what you’re up against and are genuinely supportive. Connecting with other students with similar experiences can be invaluable. Trailblazing is never easy!”

Go for it! I am doing what is important to me and that matters a lot. Learn the interpersonal skills you need to be comfortable around other people. Enjoy life, and most of all, be kind to yourself while you work hard. Do what you love. Be you. You are unique and have a lot to offer.”

“NEVER give up! Psychosis is not and should not be the end of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.”

“There ARE people out there who care and who can help.  Seek them out. You also have the ability within you to help yourself if you seek it.”

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And if you ever feel alone, take a few minutes to check out our own personal stories of strength, and consider sharing yours

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