Mental health as a pink ribbon illness: Will we get there?

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Mental health as a pink ribbon illness: Will we get there?

Team Strong 365

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Program Update

It’s been an exciting summer running the first pilot test of our digital outreach program, Strong 365 (formerly StrongMinds Project), in collaboration with Northwell Health’s Early Treatment Program in New York City.

We learned that we can indeed successfully identify people seeking help for psychosis via targeted search engine marketing and social media ads. Through, the goal of the program is to connect them to supportive information and resources — both online and in their community. 

Using an actual Google search inquiry and ad from the pilot, this is an illustration of how the program works:


Preparing for A Phase Two Pilot

The next phase of program development includes the addition of a peer-led support and referral tool to the campaign website. We believe a peer-led support platform is critical to test the ultimate objective of this program: to refer people to treatment earlier than they would have found otherwise (if at all). 

We look forward to sharing more findings from the initial pilot. If this is work that excites you, too, please don’t hesitate to reach out and see how you might become involved, or consider a tax-deductible donation of any amount to help grow this intervention. 

Here’s to leveraging smartphones to change young lives for the better!


The strength to persist and thrive through mental health struggles exists in all of us. 🫶🏽

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