We are leaders in advocacy, public health, policy, and clinical research.

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The one thing we have in common?

A vision of mental health equity for all young Americans.

We are passionate about reaching underserved communities and shining a light on conditions and experiences that are often misunderstood.

Photo of Syrena Clark

Syrena Clark (she/her)

Advisory Board Member

Andrew Echeguren - photograph

Andrew Echeguren (he/him)

Advisory Board Member

Christine Frey photo

Christine Frey (she/her)

Advisory Board Member

Chantel Garrett, MPH

Chantel Garrett, MPH (she/her)

Founding Director, Strong365 Community & Co-founder, Strong365 Lab

Talia Hammer

Talia Hammer (she/her)

Advisory Board Member & Head of Teen Advisory Board Steering Committee

Carlose Larrauri Photograph

Carlos Larrauri, R.N., B.S.N. (he/him)

Advisory Board Member

Amanda Lipp - Photograph

Amanda Lipp (she/her)

Advisory Board Member

Photo of Mili Mehta

Mili Mehta, MPH (she/her)

Director, Strong365 Community & Co-founder, Strong365 Lab

Anh-Phuong Pham photograph

Anh-Phuong Pham (she/her)

Advisory Board Member

Headshot of Alex Sheehan

Alex Sheehan

Advisory Board Member, Head of Teen Advisory Board Steering Committee

for Card: Danny --> ''Meet Danny"

Danny Sosa (he/him)

Advisory Board Member

Becca Vines photo

Becca Vines (they/them)

Advisory Board Member

Rick Yang

Rick Yang (he/him)

Teen Advisory Board Chairperson

About the Advisory Board

Strong365's Advisory Board members guide strategy and content, helping our community offer a welcome and safe space. By sharing their stories of finding strength through struggle, they lend their perspectives of what it is to be a fierce ally for someone. They are the creative engine behind our efforts to connect young people to the support and treatment they deserve.

"You're still you. An illness doesn't define you. There will always be people who will stereotype you. But it's important to remember that you are strong."

- Christine, Advisory Board Member

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We also recognize the talented team members and volunteers who lead our Strong365 Community from behind the scenes.

Thank you for all that you do.

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