We all know the brain is this really important thing between our ears.

Our brain health impacts pretty much everything — but many of us don’t know much about how the brain works.

That’s what knowing your mind is all about.

What is “Mental Health”, anyway?

Your brain is a squishy mass of 100 billion nerve cells called neurons.

But what does your brain have to do with “mental health,” exactly? How do stress and your environment impact your mental health? What can you do to promote healthy brain function and stay strong?

Brain Basics
Psychosis 101

What is Psychosis?

Right?! We didn’t know either, until it happened to us.

Find out more about what psychosis is, why it’s among the top health issues that every young person should know about, and where to get help.

We are a project of One Mind Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cures and treatments for brain health.


Learn more and take action with us.

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